Hati hati kawan kawan

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Types of friends

All of us have some friends.  We begin to have friends at schools, colleges, polytechnics, universities, villages, place called residences, states , country and of course some of us have foreign friends too.  Knowingly or unknowingly , we put our friendship based on certain criteria:
a)      State wise – Kelantan students like to mix with their state men only for example.  In 1970’s the Kelantan people looked at  you with different eyes if you married a Kuala Lumpur girl.  They start asking “..  is there no other Kelantan girl having the same tools like that ..  women?”
b)      Country wise -  Malaysian students pack the Malaysia Hall London because 99.9% there are from the same country.
c)       Religion -  most of us are easy to be with somebody who prays 5 times a day, read Al Quraan 10 minutes a day and at night we attend to small talk about life here after called Akhirat.  Where are we heading man?  Yes the grave!
d)      Political party -  PAS people like to mix with their PAS members only.  Similar is UMNO men and women.  PAS people got beard, turban and minyak arta  while UMNO men do not seem to  bother  wearing  any head gear (songkok) even at Friday prayers.  Each of us have certain beliefs such as UMNO men like to appear very modern in the eyes of the British, American and many more while PAS men wear beard to imitate the appearance of the Holy Prophets alai his salam (peace be upon them).
e)         University -  Some of us if we are asked to assemble in a B.P. stadium to celebrate Independence Day , we tend to find our University friends because by doing so .. we will feel a bit easy else we will feel ourselves at a lost / out of touch etc etc.
f)       Faculty -  if we are asked to do some 1 hour morning exercise at the university stadium every 2 months , we will feel nice to show our muscles and body to our friends from the same faculty, department  and in the same research group.  If we are from the data mining research centre , we feel nice to have 2 or 3 friends exercising with us together and we will feel much nicer if we get soft set , rough set colleague getting closer to us as the sun rises higher and higher in the sky .  The choice and selection seems to be a bit “rigour” as our position gets higher and higher through the ranks .  Why?  I don’t know the answer.  Really?
g)      Animal wise -  the birds out there also have the same tendency.  The swans will enjoy morning bath in Swansea, Wales if they can go a certain spot where all the swans assemble.
Why is this behavior so and so between animals and men look so similar?  Is there any theory/ philosophy that can explain this kind of behavior?

Why didn’t the swans mix with the tigers for example?  At this point the idiots will reply .. you are fools.  You got eaten birds!  (laugh)

Why didn’t the Pakistanis enjoy Indian friends in an international conference anywhere out there?


Only the brave ones among us tend to do the opposite for example malay man marrying a british girl.  A malay artist marrying an American.  Well .. they say .. no risk no gain.  He..he..

1 Malaysia/  1 Bangsa

Nowadays the government of Malaysia is creating / blending our children based on this philosophy called 1Malaysia.  The aim is very noble so that we can live happily ever after from the schools , universities, offices, firms, out side working hours etc etc .  They blend this idea from sports, school annual meetings, educational conferences, tourism, AIR ASIA ( everybody can fly)  etc etc.  PAS do this through Muktamar PAS. Tabligh people do this too through Istimaa’ either locally or internationally.  Why?  They wanted to create the same fikir, same worry etc etc. 

In short, we want to talk the same thing called inspiration, aim , transformation and plan among our so called friends

But in one hadith of Rasulullah s.a.w. he advised us the way to find friends such as “..if you  talk with him , your knowledge of deen will improve , if you see him , you are always reminded about the life here after”.   

So  what does this mean?  Are we going the opposite way  as far as handling our lives as muslims and at the same time we are also Malaysians. Which one should we prefer?  The one that carries the message of 1Malaysia or the one who has seen paradise and hell with his own naked eyes.

To summarize ..  we have to thread this life carefully. We must know 2 things called
(1)     The objective of our life
(2)    The necessities of our life and

Here may  I give you my respected readers - a simple analogy.  Let us say JPA(PSD)   sends somebody to study in Temple University, USA.  After 3 – 4 years he came back telling many kinds of stories such as the number of countries he has managed to visit while doing his Phd in Temple ,how many friends he managed to introduce Malaysia during the culture and dance show in Washington and many more.  But at last .. the Senate will ask “ can I see your PhD certificate, jali?”

So from that analogy – can you tell me .. which one is the objective of his going to Temple University and which one is the necessities? 

Similar is our life.  We have been doing 1001 type of activities including 1Malaysia, 1BRIM and 7GTP and many more new jargons created as we are getting closer  towards 13th General Election in Malaysia.

So are we not going to be a bit more serious at the main objective of our life in this world?

Will 1Malaysia help us when the malaikat/ Allah check our accounts and they discovered that we have been doing  exactly similar things like the non – muslims were doing all this while .. and the final verdict ..  you may go to hell.  Are you not afraid ..when in one hadith ..  the fire of hell is 70 times much hotter than this fire of this world.

With that .. I would like to say May Allah grant us an iman that can  save us from hell ever after. Life as a muslim is a prison in this world and vice versa for those who are disbelievers.

Wallahu aklam.


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