Just be patient

Posted by sazali


As a student , many of  you are so eager to know your carry marks.

It is OK.  But ..don't expect so much miracle to happen since

mathematically speaking

TEST 1 =  20%
Project Maths =  15%
Assignments =  15%
Attendance =  5%
Quiz  4x  = 5%

total   coursework =  60%


Lets say you have  a very  low marks for  Test 1    3/20
 Give 50% to all the other components    =          20 /40

therefore your carry mark  is just              =          23 /60

Which is a FAIL.  You must get more than 30 marks plus in order to qualify yourself into

as PASSED  Coursework.


I think , you better think in that manner.  Don't expect so much miracle to happen please.  I am still marking your work.  Be patient.

Focus on ..  try and do as many times THE TEST 1 questions.  Make sure you understand the tricks of maths especially the Induction Recursion , Algorithms etc etc.  Refer to the red book.  I also had passed the solution book.

Pray for the best.  Good Luck.

Wallahu aklam.  ( God knows best).


  1. pikir kool said...

    whoa, are they really getting low for the carry mark?

    is it due to the difficulty of the subject, or the incongruity of the lesson and evaluation?

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