why writing?

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We write to express our thoughts and feelings to the teachers, examiners and our beloved parents asking for extra allowance/ harta pusaka.

2)  when we read a lot from books, magazines , internet .. we want to share with the others especially our students ... what we think about our reading plus our interpretation to the whole thing .

I quote something nice here

'..reading maketh a full man, conference a ready man , and writing an exact man

before we become good at writing ; we must possess the virtue and love of reading.  the more we read, the more we are open to many kinds of ideas and thoughts ..

reading not only clears our thoughts , it also widens our perspective and enlarges our vision.

we jot down notes and scribble words not for ourselves , but also for others."

Jose Mario Dolor De Vega // the star paper/  7th January 2013


How true it was.

3)  Just to add ..  if you are a lecturer , teacher, .. , a professor  ..  or a father

why don't you produce a book.

Call it something like this

" My thoughts before I die my children."

Imagine if there are 50,000 of these special people who are about to retire this year .. can produce 50,000 different books because a malay officer will be writing differently from a successful Chinese professor and of course the intersting  twist and turn by an indian officer in TUDM ..  who got free rides on the plane up down south north throughout the peninsular malaysia ..  

and out of these 50,000 books .. we can get 100 great books a year

and from  that 100 great books

we can get 10 special 'NOBEL' prize books ..

and from that we produce 1 documentary and 1 film

.. i think Malaysia can gain a lot , insyallah.

Why not writing be a target for prospective pensioners ..do it for Allah's sake ..please.

Every alphabet is called 'ibadat'.  A professor earns a lot of money as compared to a bus driver on JOHOR MOTOR  ..  if he writes something short 50 pages only , double spacing ..his writing is considered superb ..why?  because he is a university PROFESSOR.  If the book is well accepted ..jolly good .. but if his writings is not well received ..  why worry?  You are already a university professor.  You won't lose anything ..  dear.  Please write for the man on street.  may be his son will read to his dad ..  on the street ..something worth knowing. But if you don't write .. don't worry ..  you are already a great professor earning so well .. why am I disturbing you my PROF?  i do that because ..  i am a bit nearer than the fishmonger on the street persuading you to write something nice/ thought provoking ..u say?  he..he.. try and write ..and bring your writings to a level where many commoners can appreciate what a man like you have things in your special brain.  Allah Akbar!

Wallahu aklam.


  1. pikir kool said...

    perhaps u should have lunch with ur professor and *insinuate* this to him more directly?

    just a thought.

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